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SRIW presents initiatives for fraud prevention as part of an EOS Working Breakfast at the EU Parliament


During the Working Breakfast organised by the European Organisation for Security (EOS) at the European Parliament on 10 November 2016, SRIW presented a keynote on co-regulatory approaches to build trust in the digital world and, at the same time, curb digital fraud.

Achieving these goals requires more than inflexible statutory regulations and, in particular, mere rules on providing information, since such an approach cannot provide the response time equal to dealing with rapidly changing scam tactics. Moreover, not only can excessive information requirements be ignored and so do not, ultimately, protect against providing false details, but they also assume an informed and responsible user. For these reasons, it seems preferable to pursue collaborative approaches between the business sector, the legislator and consumer protection agencies, especially where these can culminate in co-regulatory instruments such as codes of practice and conduct.